imap and ldap

Craig Ringer craig at
Fri Dec 12 01:14:15 EST 2003

> Oke I tried to reconfigure cyrus-sasl with the following options
> --with-ldap=/etc/ldap (because I had to give a directory)

> Everything was going fine, no errors during the installation but when I executed the command saslauthd -v
> I get the same options.
> saslauthd 2.1.15
> authentication mechanisms: getpwent rimap shadow

I'm sure you've checked all these, but just in case:
	 - did you run make install?
	 - is the install path on your PATH?
	 - do you already have a system-provided cyrus-sasl installed?

If the latter, it's quite likely that the saslauthd from that package is 
found before the one you compiled and installed. Try 'which saslauthd' 
to see which command your shell is excuting. Alternately, try explicitly 
running saslauthd with a full, explicit path.

Craig Ringer

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