sasl and SMP

Jon Nelson quincy at
Thu Dec 11 10:57:44 EST 2003

I am running:

Debian:        sarge
Kernel:        2.4.22-1-686-smp (had been 2.4.22-1-386)
Cyrus/sasl:    2.1.15

I recently installed a new kernel via:

    apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.22-1-686-smp

Everything seemed to go well until I tried to log into cyrus.  I got the
following error:

    badlogin: localhost[] DIGEST-MD5 [SASL(-13): user not found:
    no secret in database]

The date on /etc/sasldb2 had not changed.  Changing passwords for my users
fixed the problem.

Anyone know what caused this?

Trooper Jon S. Nelson, Linux Certified Admin., CCNA
Pa. State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Computer Crimes Unit
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