Revert back to install?

jack satta jacks at
Fri Dec 12 13:53:29 EST 2003

I'm a relatively post-beginner CLI user, so go easy; I have many 

The short version--
How do you revert it all back to the install state, i.e., how do you 
wipe the mailboxes.db so I can reimport?

The long version--
I had used a tool to import mailboxes, then deleted the "user" 
directory (whoops!) from /var/spool/imap (non-critical, don't worry), 
thinking i could reimport them; alas, the mailboxes.db doens't quite 
sync up. So, I recreated the mailboxes by hand, changed perms, owner to 
cyrus, etc., and it's working/sending/receiving (reconstruct doesn't 
work), but I'd like to get back the INBOX.format functionality, so that 
when you log in, you can actually create the INBOX from a GUI client. 
I'm also having problems deleting a folder ("SELECT failed"), I believe 
has the right mailboxes.db entry, and actually exists in the user's 
folder as a subdirectory, but I imagine I'm missing something.

--So my first thought is it all doesn't work quite right-- what exactly 
is the folder structure, for manually creating a mailbox, then, in that 

--If I edit mailboxes.db (not directly, obviously), can I then 
add/delete folders in the above mentioned INBOX-within-a user's 
/var/spool/imap/[user] folder?  I can dump the db, and edit the text 
file format but what is the format for INBOX (within a users' folder, 
and the subsequent user folder)-- is it "INBOX." (a directory in users' 
spool folder, and the same entry in mailboxes.db)? Is a subdirectory of 
INBOX actually INBOX.subdirectory? What would be the corresponding 
entry in mailboxes.db? Is there further documentation on the format of 
the .db?

--I thought of using the built-in tools, but cyradm is not working for 
me ("Can't locate Cyrus/IMAP/ in @INC..." error, etc.), but 
haven't a clue how to CPAN IMAP:: Shell --I can't get this to work, or 
maybe I just don't know which package to install... How do you install 
this correctly?

Appreciate the help.


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