Use of "@" how login in the name

Edward Rudd eddie at
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Yes you can..
But you must make sure you have the unixheirachysep set to true
in/etc/imapd.conf. And you have to make sure your backend has the users
stored with the appropriate realm, as you will be doing multi-realm
authentication.. The realm is everything after the @ sign.. I am
currently using this setup using the ldap auxprop plugin from openldap
2.1.x.  If you are using sasldb just make sure you add the users with
the correct realm.

saslpasswd2 -c -u username
will create a user entry for uername at

You also have to make sure your MTA can deliver to the mailbox
correctly.. This requires escaping the @ in the e-mail address when your
MTA sends it to the LMTP.. in postfix this is done by \\'ing the @ in
the virtual tables..
username at username\\
In reality postfix will add a @mylocalhostname to the end of that so the
end result will look like this
username at

Hope this helps get you started..
Search through the archives as this has been discussed before.. And
search the archives for you MTA of choice..

On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 22:07, Boletim GMX wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a question regarding cyrus authentication:
> If I create a user with the Web-cyradm, the email address is
> name at but for the login with IMAP/POP/SMTP, the user must
> use "".
> Can I change this so the user can log in with your email address
> exactly - @?
> Thanks for any help.
> Julio
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