[cyrus] Mail list subject line

Pat Lashley patl+cyrus at volant.org
Sat Dec 20 15:37:52 EST 2003

--On Monday, December 15, 2003 15:16:51 +0000 Alain Williams <addw at phcomp.co.uk> wrote:

> Would it be possible for the list administrator, to force the adding of
> something like [cyrus] into the subject line for all mail reflected from
> this list ?
> I get quite a lot of mail, other lists do this & I find it a useful way of
> deciding what to read.


It's horribly ugly, especially after a few 'Re:'s get stuck on the
front; and it's completely redundant given the constant value of
the Sender: header.

Any decent modern MUA provides much better methods for separating out
messages from different sources based on a variety of headers.

And since almost everyone subscribed to this list is likely to be
using Cyrus, they have the option of delivering directly to a sub-
mailbox using either detail notation or Sieve filtering.  (This
does assume that they are using IMAP rather than POP to access the
mailbox though.)

If anything is done, I'd be in favor of the addition of the List-*
headers used by other mailing list managers.  (I believe there is
an RFC for them; but I don't know what it is.)

(I also favor rejecting messages with no Subject: at all; but
that's another rant...)


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