Sieve vacation question : does :addresses match case-insensitively ?

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Dec 15 12:59:22 EST 2003

Cyrus Daboo wrote:

> Hi Cyrus,
> --On Monday, December 15, 2003 11:35 AM -0500 Cyrus Daboo 
> <daboo at> wrote:
> || Does the :addresses parameter will be matched case insentively, meaning
> || that the vacation will also trigger for mail addressed to
> || Some.Email at ?
> |
> | Good question - the vacation spec is not clear on that. The RFC2821 spec
> | actually says that the local part of an address (to the left of the @) is
> | case-sensitive, whilst the domain part (to the right of the @) is not.
> | Thus ' at' and 'Some.Email at' are not the
> | same. Of course it turns out that many implementations do treat those as
> | the same, so there does need to be a way to handle that in vacation. The
> | SIEVE base-spec gets around this by allowing comparisons (with either
> | case-sensitive or case-insensitive comparators) against the local or
> | domain part of an address separately if so desired. I will bring this
> | matter up on the sieve list as it needs to be cleared up wrt vacation.
> Further to this I see that newer versions of CMU SIEVE do 
> case-insensitive comparisons, but older versions did not - perhaps 
> Ken/Rob can confirm when that change was made so you can decide whether 
> you need to upgrade/patch.

AFAICT it was changed prior to 2.1.2.  However, it doesn't look like 
this change made its way into 2.2.  The question is, which behavior is 
correct?  I'd argue that in the absence of a :comparator (or similar) 
argument to vacation, that treating the localpart as can sensitive is 
probably correct.  That being said, I must have made the change in 2.1 
for a reason.  ;)

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