telsey at starband.net telsey at starband.net
Tue Dec 16 10:46:36 EST 2003

I know this question has been asked by others, but I was unable to find a
solution in my research.  The problem I am having is with ipurge, and when
I execute the command it executes, doesn't return an error, and doesn't
remove the mail.

We are running cyrus 2.2.1 beta, and we are using virtual domains, and the
unixhierchysep instead of the standard dot (i.e. user/<useracct> instead
of user.<useracct>).

I am attempting to removed old mail from two folders with the following

ipurge -f -d 3 user/*/mail/Trash
ipurge -f -d 7 user/*/mail/JunkMail

My understanding is that the * would include all user accounts, and could
be changed to something like username at domain.com (Our mail accounts
contain the name and domain).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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