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Wed Dec 17 12:20:53 EST 2003

> telsey at starband.net wrote:
>>>telsey at starband.net wrote:
>>>>I know this question has been asked by others, but I was unable to
>>>> find a solution in my research.  The problem I am having is with
>>>> ipurge, and when I execute the command it executes, doesn't return an
>>>> error, and doesn't remove the mail.
>>>>We are running cyrus 2.2.1 beta, and we are using virtual domains,
>>>> and the unixhierchysep instead of the standard dot (i.e.
>>>> user/<useracct> instead of user.<useracct>).
>>>>I am attempting to removed old mail from two folders with the
>>>>following commands.
>>>>ipurge -f -d 3 user/*/mail/Trash
>>>>ipurge -f -d 7 user/*/mail/JunkMail
>>>>My understanding is that the * would include all user accounts, and
>>>> could be changed to something like username at domain.com (Our mail
>>>> accounts contain the name and domain).
>>>No, the domain is always appended to the end of the mailboxname.  Try:
>>>ipurge -f -d 3 user/%/mail/Trash at domain.com
>>>Kenneth Murchison     Oceana Matrix Ltd.
>>>Software Engineer     21 Princeton Place
>>>716-662-8973 x26      Orchard Park, NY 14127
>>>--PGP Public Key--    http://www.oceana.com/~ken/ksm.pgp
>> so if I were going to run it against all accounts, I would use a "%"
>> instead of an "*"?  Ok, I will give it a try.
> * matches everything, including the hierarchy separator.  % doesn't
> match the separator, so you will only get
> user/telsey/mail/Trash at domain.com and not
> user/telsey/foo/bar/mail/Trash at domain.com
>> For testing on an individual account, would the following work for a
>> user with an account like telsey at domain.com.
>> ipurge -f -d 3 user/telsey/mail/Trash at domain.com
> Yes.
>> Thanks for your help.  I just want to be extremely sure that I don't
>> fubar the syntax and end up deleting mail that I had not intended to
>> remove.
> --
> Kenneth Murchison     Oceana Matrix Ltd.
> Software Engineer     21 Princeton Place
> 716-662-8973 x26      Orchard Park, NY 14127
> --PGP Public Key--    http://www.oceana.com/~ken/ksm.pgp

Ok, I tried the individual ipurge command above (ipurge -f -d 3
user/telsey/mail/Trash at domain.com), but it did not remove anything.  It
executed and imediately went back to the prompt with no error or anything
else.  I definately have old items in my Trash.

I am executing the command from the command line as the cyrus account.

su - cyrus
cd /usr/cyrus/bin
./ipurge -f -d 1 user/telsey/mail/Trash at domain.com

Does ipurge log any information anywhere?  Is there an updated version of
the program?  I'm ready, and willing to try anything.

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