Opps-Made A Mistake

Robert Covell rcovell at rolet.com
Tue Dec 16 11:40:19 EST 2003

Yesterday we changed our backup script for Cyrus.  When we zipped up the
partition-default: /usr/cyrusmail we used a "move" switch instead of a
"copy" switch.  The system was essentially without a partition-default: for
about 4 hours.  We have unzipped everything and put it back but now some
people cannot login via pop.  I believe that imap is fine because clients
that cannot login via pop can from webmail which is imap.  Do we need to
update something or reconstruct the mailboxes?  Do the seen/unseen flags
need to be restored?  Not sure where to look because our logs don't show any

All the mail from 2 am was put in a sendmail queue and has since been
delivered.  None of the other config files were modified by the backup
script, just the partition-default.


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