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Tony Earnshaw tonye at
Wed Dec 17 08:19:01 EST 2003

ons, 17.12.2003 kl. 11.47 skrev Geert Reijnders:

> Here comes my question. Is there a way that the users I have created in my OpenLDAP-server automaticly get a mailbox on my mailserver. In that way I don't have to create for each user a mailbox but if this is possible a program or whatever does that for me.
> I didn't know to which mailinglist I should mail this question so mailed  it to both.
> I hope anyone could help me.

At least with up-to-date Postfix and Courier (I believe Cyrus has its
own mechanism) you can do this with virtual mailboxes and virtual users.
"Mailboxes" will then be created automatically - but you'll have to
clear up the mess yourself when users move on. Openldap can be made a
very powerful part of this.

You mentioned Debian - it's highly likely you'll have to go for non
Debian-standard stuff. If you plan on continuing with Postfix, subscribe
to the Postfix mailing list.


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