How do you do Cyrus logins with

Oliver Jones oliver at
Sun Dec 28 08:36:50 EST 2003

> Use
> ldap_filter: %U@%r
> The current version of sasl lib splits a 'fully qualified username' to
> userid and realm.  I believe this is a wrong behavior because '@' is a
> valid userid character and the domain part is really not a realm
> identifier in such instances.

I've tried this.  Unfortunately when someone doesn't provide a domain on
their login eg the "cyrus" admin user in commands like "./cyradm --user
cyrus localhost" it searches the LDAP repository for (uid=cyrus@).  This
isn't what I want.  I want Cyrus IMAPD to stop splitting the userid into

>From the docs it appears to me that "global" admin users (ie, ones who
can access any virtual domain have to be of the form "username".  Where
as domain restricted admins are of the form "username at domain.tld".  So
if I was to amend the cyrus "admin" user to be cyrus at domain.tld it would
be restricted to the domain.tld domain.  Right?

Note that I am use the 2.2.2BETA distro.  Would it be wiser to fetch a
more recent CVS snapshot?  Does the CVS version correct this (I believe)
errant behaviour?


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