How do you do Cyrus logins with

Igor Brezac igor at
Mon Dec 29 00:05:09 EST 2003

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Oliver Jones wrote:

> > This happens if your interfaces on the email server do not have reverse
> > lookup.  Otherwise imapd will fully qualify all userids unless they are
> > already fully qualified.
> Right.  I did notice my IP's don't have PTR records.  I've sent a
> request to my ISP to give them PTRs.

You do not need ISP for this.   Use /etc/hosts

> On a related note, how does the defaultdomain config variable interact
> with virtual domains?  I get the impression from the docs that cyrus
> should append the default domain to logins without a domain part.  It
> doesn't seem to on 2.2.2.

Well, defaultdomain takes care of unqualified userids and it has admin
implications.  The cyrus mail-store internals treat defaultdmain different
from other domains.  You can use defautdomain to convert/transition a
non-virtual cyrus server to a virtual setup without converting the cyrus
mail-store.  You cannot go the other way around.  Ken, please add/correct
if I am missing something.

> > I guess my previous response was not clear. imapd is not splitting the
> > userid, sasl lib is.  You will need to use an older version of cyrus-sasl,
> > not sure which one.
> Hmm.  I'm using 2.1.17 (Simon Matter's RPM).  Like I said in a previous
> email the saslauthd test program doesn't seem to split the userid on the
> @.  But then it probably isn't useing sasl_checkpass (which is what
> seems to be doing the split).

Use testsaslauthd -u <userid> -r <domain> -p ...

> > > Note that I am use the 2.2.2BETA distro.  Would it be wiser to fetch a
> > > more recent CVS snapshot?  Does the CVS version correct this (I believe)
> > > errant behaviour?
> >
> > Yes, although this behavior is not different.
> Is there a specific cvs tag you could recommend or should I just pull
> out HEAD?  Is there more danger of getting a broken build from CVS?  How
> stable is the HEAD branch?

Just pull HEAD.  You are bound to get broken code at times.  You should be
fine if you pull it now.  Timing is everything.  Just kidding.  :)  I
suggest you monitor the commits so you know what changes take place.


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