where are the mailbox accts located AND webmin/virtualmin and virtual domains/email accts

Troy McKinnon TroyMcKinnon at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 29 00:28:25 EST 2003

I can't seem to access the web archive I get some type of php access erro, so _very_ sorry if these are answered there.  I am in a bit of a rush/frenzie trying to get my mail server up.

I just set up cyrus/web-cryadm/postfix on suse 9.0 and was wondering:

1) not sure where the user mailboxes are created.  Viewing the mailboxes thru webmin/postfix module doesn't seem to show the cyrus mailboxes?

2) Has anyone use cyrus/web-cyradm with webmin and specifically the virtualmin module.  Wondering if they will work together.  i.e. creatiion of virtual domain and email accnts don't seem to work with the cyrus setup. i.e. can't get email for users.

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