Created mailboxes are not showing up.

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Tue Dec 30 12:42:50 EST 2003

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, JLB wrote:

> I know that THAT isn't the problem. Since it worked BEFORE this doofus
> came in and completely changed the imap system (without providing any
> notes to anyone). :) Our copy of SquirrelMail HAS NOT CHANGED since the
> 'old days', when we ran plain old despicable UW IMAPD, and things just
> worked. So since SquirrelMail has NOT changed (no, we haven't even upraded
> it!)... I know that's not it.


I cannot help you without the IMAP telemetry, so please try to get it.
Insults and rants can't help solve the problem any faster.



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