nntp fiddling

Nils Vogels nivo at yuckfou.org
Wed Dec 31 20:12:21 EST 2003

Ken Murchison wrote:

> +archive.info-cyrus at utdallas.edu wrote:
>> On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Ken Murchison wrote:
>>> Any perceivable difference in performance?  I was considering making 
>>> the
>>> Xref stuff enabled by a config option, since not all clients need it,
>>> but if it doesn't slow things down too much, I won't bother.
>> On this box?  My test box is a scruffy old U10 with nearly no memory
>> and slow drives.  I can't really see a difference myself. The only
>> slight difference appears when I unset newsprefix, presumedly because
>> it has to search out more folders.  However, even this difference
>> seems very slight.  I'm not even sure it really exists.  ;-)
> Cool!  Thanks for the feedback.  You're one of only two people that 
> has given me any substantial feedback on the NNTP support in 2.2.
> Happy New Year!
I've been fiddling around a bit as well, but the main problem is, that I 
do not have access to an NNTP feed, and Cyrus didn't not support pulling 
one in (using MODE READER, and sucking in articles). In the end, having 
to make a chain with an intermediate program that did the Cyrus <--> ISP 
NNTP server interaction and LMTP injection turned out to be rather a 
pain, hence I dropped the idea altogether, unfortunately.

If this could be changed, I would love to try again ;-)



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