can't mupdate: already authenticated

Mark xa87n at
Thu Aug 7 23:18:40 EDT 2003

--- Mark <xa87n at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Over the past few months, I've setup a working config with
> cyrus/murder/ldap. Two days ago, I tried to join an imap backend to
> the config, and I'm not able to do it. The only difference that I
> think there is, the new box is running OpenBSD-current (switched to
> ELF, w^x protection, etc.), while all other boxes are running OpenBSD
> 3.3. The error I'm getting is, in authlog, on imapd backend:
> No worthy mechs found
> and in imaplog, on imapd backend:
> ctl_mboxlist[23351]: authentication to remote mupdate server failed:
> already authenticated
> and in imaplog, on mupdate master:
> accepted connection
> This is when I do for example, ./ctl_mboxlist -m on new backend.

I forgot to change lib/dlopen.c, taken from OpenBSD ports of SASL.
Thanks a lot to the person who did OpenBSD SASL port, Jakob, I followed
the port to build SASL that fits my needs.

When building SASL, these things are needed, among others, check the
port (lines are broken):

cp configure configure.orig
perl -p -e 's/LIBS="-lresolv\s*\$LIBS"/#LIBS="-lresolv \$LIBS"/g' <
configure.orig > configure

cd saslauthd
cp configure configure.orig
perl -p -e 's/LIBS="-lresolv\s*\$LIBS"/#LIBS="-lresolv \$LIBS"/g' <
configure.orig > configure
cd ..

cd lib
cp dlopen.c dlopen.c.orig
perl -p -e 's/defined\(__OpenBSD__\)/(defined(__OpenBSD__) &&
!defined(__ELF__))/' < dlopen.c.orig > dlopen.c

Also, use GNU libtool, after doing configure.

For cyrus-cvs, on OpenBSD ELF, configure is broken. Ugly hack:

cp configure configure.orig
perl -pe
's/ac_cv_lib_wrap_request_init=no/ac_cv_lib_wrap_request_init=yes/' <
configure.orig > configure

And use GNU make to build.

These combinations also fix cyrus-imapd on openbsd-sparc64.


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