Anyone migrating from lotus to cyrus

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On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 12:28, Joakim Ryden wrote:

> En viss Ramprasad A Padmanabhan skrev:
> [...]
> > Great to hear that you too are using Mail::IMAPClient. Just a question
> > When I used the migrate function to migrate the folders ( from a WU-imap
> > server to a cyrus server ) I found that My script would sometimes just
> > hang. This would happen whenever the mails included some spechial
> > charachters and '\0' chars
> > So I did the laborius way of getting the mail list and copying all mails
> > one by one and timing out if a mail took too long. This way I also got
> > rid of the bug that would set an incorrect date on the destination
> > server. The date problem occurred only for Outlook Express clients.
> > BTW I am using Mail::IMAPClient ver 2.2.7
> >
> > Now When I am trying to migrate from a lotus server I am having more
> > problems of mails timing out
> > Besides there is an excellent pascal script for IMAP copy at
> >
> > But that too does not copy all mails
> >
> > I was looking if there was a utlility that could directly read the
> > ".nsf" files from a lotus server and convert to mails in cyrus
> >
> > Did you not face these problems at all, Can you just me mail me your
> > script If you dont mind.
> Check out this tool:
> I have used it for Exchange, cyrus, courier and whole bunch of other IMAP
> migrations. It has never given me any problems at all.
> --Jo

But this does not work for lotus notes server 5.0.8

Strangely enough when I configure my outlook express client It is able
to fetch the mails. So If the lotus server were not standards compliant
then how does it work with outlook express



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