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Wed Aug 6 02:44:00 EDT 2003

Norman Zhang wrote:

> Hi,
> After installing cyrus-imapd, I was prompted to convert the
> /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db. But I get the following error not being able
> convert db3 to flat. Would someone please tell me how can I fix this?

Mmm, I replied to this message on the mandrake mailing list where it was 
originally posted, but for some reason (probably sympa) it didn't show 
up. I'm pasting my reply here:

Why was /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db there?
Did you have a previous version of cyrus-imapd manually installed (i.e 
not via rpm)?
If there's no useful data there, I suggest you remove the rpm, rm -rf 
/var/lib/imap, rm -rf /var/spool/imap and reinstall the rpm.
Otherwise, if you have previuosly compiled cyrus-imapd yourself *and* 
the data there is useful, it's possible that the database format for 
mailboxes.db is incompatible with the one used by the rpm. Use your 
previous binary install to dump it to a flat file (ctl_mboxlist -d), 
install the rpm and then recover it (ctl_mboxlist -u). You'll probably 
have to use the previous binary install to convert other files 
(cvt_cyrusdb) away from berkeley db.
It's also possible that simply running a db_upgrade (from the package 
db4-utils) on the affected file will solve the problem.


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