SIEVE SMS Notification

David Meier MEIER at
Thu Aug 7 11:41:20 EDT 2003

Hi, I am new to this list and cyrus. I have the latest release of cyrus imapd running on a RH9 box. I would like to set up a new SIEVE notification service for sending SMS upon new mail arrival. We have our own SMS gateway (kannel) running on a different box for doing so..

>From reading the docs I learned that I need to write my own notify_sms.c, right? Is there a template for writing such applications or has even someone already done the job earlier? Unfortunately I don't know coding in C very well... 
After writing the module it needs to be inserted analogue to the existing modules in notifyd.h, right? And I think I will have to recompile cyrus again. Is that about the roadmap?

I'll appreciate any help and assistance on this case very much. Dave

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