deleting an eMail but not able to delete the belonging folder

Ehren Wilson ewilson at
Fri Aug 8 10:58:59 EDT 2003

This is a similar setup to what I use at my office.  I believe that the 
exclusion of the "c" flag and inclusion of the "d" flag will make it so 
the user can delete messages but not delete the folder or create 
subfolders that is at least in Cyrus 2.1

In the Cyrus doc's in the overview.html it goes through a detailed 
description of this.



E. Zorn (RDG-rational) wrote:

>we are using cyrus with Outlook as an IMAP-Client.
>How can a User be able to delete an eMail but not be able to delete / move
>the belonging Folder?
>I looked at the possible rights from cyrus but I have no idea. Looks like it
>is impossible to do it with the rightsmanagement of cyrus. Has anybody an
>idea for an workaround.
>The stupid users here are often moving there folders in outlook.
>Any Ideas?

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