Cyrus over NFS with _one_ instance

Patrick Morris pmorris at
Tue Aug 12 16:38:40 EDT 2003

For what it's worth, I have a configuration that works this way with a 
NetApp.  We've got a content switch in front of the two servers that 
does automatic failover if the primary box goes down, and so far it's 
worked flawlessly.

I turned off all the database checkpointing and pruning on the secondary 
box in /etc/cyrus.conf, and gave it a slightly lower-priority MX record, 
but otherwise the two boxes are identical.

I'm almost reluctant to recommend this to anyone else, though, given the 
big ol' warning in the FAQ regarding Cyrus and NFS.  All I can say is it 
works for me; YMMV.

Ian G Batten wrote:

>It has always been my understanding that Cyrus isn't supported over NFS.
>Clearly, getting locking working for the scenario of two machines
>running Cyrus sharing /var/imap is Very Hard.  However, what if I only
>want to use _one_ instance of Cyrus, with failover (essentially, one Sun
>sat in front of a NetApp|Auspex|OtherNFSBox, with failover to another
>Sun if the first goes bang).  Are there issues with Cyrus over NFS if
>the running copy of Cyrus has an assurance that it's the only writer?

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