IMAP slow while retreiving folder lists

Alessandro Oliveira alessandro.o at
Thu Aug 21 11:41:22 EDT 2003

I've been having the same problem since I installed cyrus, all our imap 
clients are mozilla-1.4, and it takes about 40 seconds to list about 5 
hundread folders.

Thanks for any help


Crockett Howard wrote:

>We have been running Cyrus 2.1.14 for about one month.  The machine is not
>heavily used - only about 300 users.  We have had some reports over the last
>week that it was taking "some" users over 20 seconds to retrieve their folder
>list when first logging on.  On initial installation the users reporting
>problems were able to retrieve their folder lists immediately.  The problem did
>not occur with every user. We recycled master process and the problem cleared. 
>Any ideas what could cause this problem?
>Thank you

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