Patrick Nelson pnelson at
Fri Aug 22 15:46:43 EDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 12:12, Patrick Nelson wrote:
> bummer no responses... that's what I was afraid of...
> How about "does anyone know of a way I can troubleshoot this?"

So I decided to just test that I could get cyrus working under my
production ldap setup.  So I copied my:


over to said system making changes to localize them.  Then I stopped and
started cyrus-imapd and saslauthd:

service saslauthd restart
service cyrus-imapd restart

Then I tested the connection with cyradm:

cyradm --user cyrus localhost

So this is the starting point, it works in a standard way.  Now I have
to get it working with pam_pgsql...  Anyone want to jump in as I try and
solve this, please feel free.

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