Problem rebuilding deleted mailbox directories with reconstruct from 2.1.15

Michael Sims michaels at
Thu Aug 28 18:14:15 EDT 2003

Rob Siemborski wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Michael Sims wrote:
>> Is the new version of reconstruct not able to rebuild the cyrus
>> metadata files?  Or am I missing something obvious?  Any assistance
>> would be very much appreciated...
> One of the assumptions that reconstruct is making (indeed, made in the
> past, except it wasn't treating sub-mailboxes and the first mailbox
> the same) is that if the mailbox is in the mailbox list, is has a
> valid header file (or, presumably, you can get one from a backup).
> The old way often just blew away an existing cyrus.header file, which
> is almost always the wrong thing to do.
> Obviously this broke the case where the cyrus.header file doesn't
> exist, which I'm going to throw into bugzilla.

Thanks for the quick response and the explanation.  Do you think it will be
a problem if I continue to use the reconstruct binary from 2.1.14 until the
bug is fixed, or should I revert my entire installation to 2.1.14?

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