Cyrus IMAPd v2.1.15 / SASLv2 v2.1.15 fails

Marc-Christian Petersen m.c.p at
Fri Aug 29 05:14:03 EDT 2003

On Friday 29 August 2003 10:41, Thomas Hager wrote:

Hi Thomas,

> i use cyrus imapd 2.1.15 and cyrus sasl 2.1.15 and everything works as
> expected.
*shrug* I wish it would do the same for me :>

> > 2. Saslauthd is running!! So why it cannot connect to it?!?!
> have you checked the permissions of saslauthd's unix socket and the
> parent directories?
> run strace on the spawned imapd to see where it fails ( use the -eopen
> option to reduce output ).

It works now. The problem seems to be a compilation error or such. Strace 
showed up /var/run/saslauthd but it should be /opt/var/run/saslauthd. Now at 
least that works but I am still not able to use CRAM-MD5.

Please see the other mail to Nikola to the list.

ciao, Marc

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