SIEVE variables not working

David Meier MEIER at
Fri Aug 29 11:37:07 EDT 2003

When I am sending mailto notifications the following variables are not resolved:


However notification works and $from$ and $subject$ are resolved as expected. I do get a notification mail body like this (without #, of course):

# David Meier <user at>, $env-from, Subject text, $text$, $text[20]$
# Action(s) taken:
# Kept

Here is the code from the filter script:

require ["fileinto","reject","vacation","imapflags","relational","comparator-i;ascii-numeric","regex","notify"];

header :contains "From" "davemeier"
notify :method "mailto" :options "meier at" :id "" :low :message "$from$, $env-from, $subject$, $text$, $text[20]$";

Any ideas? Thanks. Dave

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