SIEVE Plugin

David Meier MEIER at
Fri Aug 29 17:33:39 EDT 2003


I have loaded the SIEVE filter plugin and I am very happy about it. Great work!

Anyway I found a few things you might use for improvement:

1) The text in the interface for the valid variable $env-from should be changed to $env-from$ which is the correct value.
2) In the german translation of the listing for the filter rules it says 'Nein' for 'No' which is not short for number I guess ;-)
3) It is somewhat inconvenient when editing an existing SMS notification filter rule because the method is loaded as Email per default. I wondered a few times why I am not getting that SMS as I did before...
4) Why not change the name of the field Parameters to Reciepient? That would clear it up for users.

That's about it. Keep up the good work, guys!


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