Mail filtering using procmail are there other alternatives?

Ken Murchison ken at
Fri Aug 29 20:19:07 EDT 2003

Cyrus supports server-side filtering via Sieve.  This includes filing 
messages into folders, vacation responses, and more.  Read the docs for 
details.  There are a handful of Web interfaces (eg, Websieve) for 
managing scripts.

Adi Linden wrote:

> Our mail server currently uses the sendmail MTA and cyrus-imap. Sendmail 
> passes mail for local delivery to /var/imap/socket/lmtp
> I need to be able to filter mail. Is there a way to patch procmail into 
> the process to use it to filter mail?
> Are there any other means to use filtering with cyrus-imap? The server 
> doesn't have user accounts. How could I facilitate filters that individual 
> users could manage, such as a vacation message?
> Thanks,
> Adi 

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