High Availability Email

Lee lee_hoffman at brown.edu
Sat Aug 30 16:16:23 EDT 2003

We use multiple two-box mailstore clusters running cyrus, drbd, and 
linux-ha to store the actual mail. On top of this we have loadbalancers 
running a set of ldap boxes for authentication, and perdition to 
loadbalance the frontend mail connections.

DRBD + Heartbeat (linux-ha) for the backend mail store boxes has worked 
for over a year for us, but If you have the cash I recommend using 
two-box redundantly shared fibrechannel SANs instead ... a lot more 
expensive, but less wonky.


On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 09:26 AM, Gary C. New wrote:

> I am gearing up to migrate our systems to a high availability email 
> topology and was wondering what the current solutions are to provide 
> such an architecture?
> I need a solution that synchronizes/mirrors/replicates user mail 
> stores across several physical servers for redundency.
> Some of my research has pointed me to Cyrus Murder and the MUPDATE 
> protocol, but it sounds like even in this type of configuration the 
> back-end server would still be a single point of failure.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks.
> Gary

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