squatter indexes

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Sun Aug 31 13:11:43 EDT 2003

The man page for squatter says:

Any messages appended to the mailbox after squatter is run, will NOT be
included in the index.
NOTE: Messages and mailboxes that have not been indexed CAN still be
SEARCHed, just not as quickly as those with a SQUAT index.

One thing is not entirely clear to me.  What happens if I run squatter to
create an index, then I receive a new message (which the man page says
will not be in the squatter index), and then I do a SEARCH?  Will the
search ignore the new message entirely, or is it smart enough to use the
squatter index, then check everything that is not in the squatter index?

Also, what recommendations are there for running squatter?  Should I run
it daily?  What would an entry in cyrus.conf for squatter look like?

Andy Morgan
Central Computing
Oregon State University

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