Alexander Brill kiowa at
Wed Apr 2 06:06:02 EST 2003

I am trying to set the internaldate for a message, but it doesn't store

This is what I try (using python),"+FLAGS","INTERNALDATE 22-Mar-2003 02:10:31 +0100")
> ('OK', ['1 (FLAGS (INTERNALDATE 22-Mar-2003 02:10:31 +0100))'])
It replies with an OK (prefixed with an >), and that the INTERNALDATE
has been altered.

But when I try to fetch the same message it tells me that the
('OK', ['1 (INTERNALDATE "25-Mar-2003 02:10:31 +0100")'])

So it doesn't store the values, even though it returns an OK. Any hints?

Alexander Brill <kiowa at>
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