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Wed Apr 2 09:55:16 EST 2003

Alexander Brill wrote:
> I am trying to set the internaldate for a message, but it doesn't store
> properly.
> This is what I try (using python)
>,"+FLAGS","INTERNALDATE 22-Mar-2003 02:10:31 +0100")
> > ('OK', ['1 (FLAGS (INTERNALDATE 22-Mar-2003 02:10:31 +0100))'])
> It replies with an OK (prefixed with an >), and that the INTERNALDATE
> has been altered.
> But when I try to fetch the same message it tells me that the
> ('OK', ['1 (INTERNALDATE "25-Mar-2003 02:10:31 +0100")'])
> So it doesn't store the values, even though it returns an OK. Any hints?

You can't change INTERNALDATE with STORE, only flags can be changed (see
sec 6.4.6 of RFC 3501).  Typically, INTERNALDATE is a read-only
attribute which is set when a message gets stored in a mailbox, either
by SMTP/LMTP, COPY or APPEND (see sec 2.3.3 of RFC 3501).

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