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John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Thu Apr 3 09:39:07 EST 2003

Nicolas Gauvrit wrote:

>i post this message yesterday, but i got no answer...
>(is my question to stupid for you ?)
>i'd like to know what does mean those message, 
>is i do something wrong ?
>is my Cyrus Imap will work fine, even if i got thoses
>Error messages ?
>i was searching several hours, but i do not found
>anything yet...
>Apr  1 07:04:29 ilemadame master: setrlimit: Unable to
>set file descriptors limit to -1: Operation not
>Apr  1 07:04:29 ilemadame master: retrying with 1024
>(current max)
>Apr  1 07:04:40 ilemadame lmtpd[1177]: DBERROR db4: 7
>Apr  1 07:04:40 ilemadame pop3d[1176]: DBERROR db4: 8
These are just warnings about lock contention, but you should probably 
switch from Berkeley DB to skiplist for your mailboxdb.  The setrlimit 
failure is just warning you that it was unable to set unlimited file 
descriptors, but unless you have 1000 simultaneous connections you don't 
need to worry about it.

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