imclient >4k literal error

E.M. Recio erecio at
Mon Apr 7 12:34:34 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Patrick Welche wrote:

> Thanks for the tip. We regularly see the question "I am moving from Brand X
> imapd to Cyrus, how can I move the mail?" and the answers are usually of an
> on disk file format conversion nature, so I'm just writing imapcp using
> libcyrus => do{fetch,append}. I thought all was well until I tried mail with
> a large attachment..


I wrote a PHP script that does just that. It comes up with a form for old 
mail username/pass, new mail username/pass and click "go" and it transfers 
the mail. Let me know if you want a copy... this is what we are using to 
migrate from OpenMail to Cyrus-IMAPd for 2500 users.


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