imclient >4k literal error

Lawrence Greenfield leg+ at
Mon Apr 7 16:04:13 EDT 2003

The question is what it'll do if you get something like:

* 291 FETCH (ENVELOPE ("Mon, 7 Apr 2003 20:34:04 +0100" 
"Re: imclient >4k literal error" (("Patrick Welche" NIL "prlw1" 
"")) (({14}
Patrick Welche NIL "prlw1" "")) 
(("Patrick Welche" NIL "prlw1" "")) (("Lawrence Greenfield" 
NIL "leg+" "")) (("Rob Siemborski" NIL "rjs3" 
"")(NIL NIL "info-cyrus" "")) NIL 
"<200304071838.h37Icuff007629 at>" 
"<20030407203404.A29873 at>"))

does it correctly resume parsing of the fetch response when there's an
interior literal? (This is not just theoretical: Cyrus will send
literals in the middle of envelope responses, though the protocol
snippet from above was contrived.)


   Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 20:34:04 +0100
   From: Patrick Welche <prlw1 at>

   Well, the patch I sent works if what we want is

   FETCH... {literal length} CRLF
   The literal
   over several
   4k blocks

   so I think that wraps it up then :-)



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