2.2a, virtual domains and squirrelmail

Mike O'Rourke mjoop at curia.op.org
Thu Apr 3 07:04:29 EST 2003

Mine works!

cyrus-imapd 2.2 cvs from about Mar. 26 (OK, I am busy and haven't had
time to get the recently released version, but it is working for me
squirrelmail 1.4rc2a (see excuse above)
PHP 4.3.2rc1
Apache 2.0.44


>>> "Kervin L. Pierre" <kervin at blueprint-tech.com> 04/03/03 05:39am

Has anyone tried using squirrelmail with 2.2 virtual domains and got it

to work with a mailbox on a virtual domain?


Kervin Pierre

kervin at blueprint-tech.com 
kervin at kervin.net 
kpierre at fit.edu 

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