sieve: Too many levels of symbolic links

Dmitry Alyabyev gw-cyrus at
Thu Apr 3 03:16:45 EST 2003


strange behavior - when I use websieve 0.61 (by Alain Turbide) with timsieved of
cyrus 2.2 I have something like this in user sieve directory:

lrwx------  1 cyrus  cyrus   10 Apr  3 10:53 default.bc -> default.bc
-rw-------  1 cyrus  cyrus  424 Apr  3 10:53 default.script

when a message delivers there is an error in cyrus log:
lmtpunix[10531]: IOERROR: fstating sieve script
/usr/local/cyrus/sieve/domain/e/ Too many
levels of symbolic links

and sieve doesn't work according to rules of default.script

any ideas why it happens ?


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