Deliver Problem, trying Simon's lmtp patch.

Thiago Lima thiagolima at
Fri Apr 4 17:55:19 EST 2003

	Well, I got the old patch and fixed (I hope) the errors. 

	When I deliver some mail it does not show me that user unknow,
but it seens to be delivering the mail not correctly.

	In the logs I can see :

Apr  4 18:13:37 vishnu lmtpd[10962]: duplicate_mark:
<20030404211305.56FC014D at> user.jungle at vishnu^com^br

	Look's good right? Unfortunaly no. The user.jungle should be
jungle/jungle. It is not delivering the mail in my mailbox, but it is
not giving a error.

	Any tips?

Thanks alot again
Thiago MAdeira de lima.

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Subject: Deliver Problem, trying Simon's lmtp patch.

    I'm trying to use cyrus-imap with mailboxes using the email of the
user. Ex: jungle at is the mailbox. 

    Everything works fine, I'm using unixhierarchysep and I can log in
the imap server and download my messages, create folders,etc. The only
think that I can't do is to deliver messages using the deliver command.
Looking in the net I found a answer to that from Simon :

"lmtpd / deliver seas the @ as splitting a realm there is a one line mod
( search archive I posted a diff once) which will enable @`s to work" 

    Allright! Found the bug, but can't find the patch for
cyrus-imapd-2.1.12 . Found one in the list, but I counl't make it work.
Got lots of rejects.

    Does any know where I can find it to download? Looked in Simon's
website ( i think) and counl't find anything about it. 

Thiago Madeira de Lima

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