Upgrade path fom 2.1.4 rpm to 2.1.12 tarball?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon Apr 7 02:59:22 EDT 2003

Jeff Bert wrote:
> Are there any pitfalls with upgrading from 2.1.4 to 2.1.12?
> Well my case is more special than that... I was using 2.1.4 from Luca
> Olivetti's rpm's for Mandrake and plan to use the source tarballs direct
> from carnegie mellon... 
> The one thing I see that might be non-standard is that Luca had some patches
> to cyrus-imapd that I have no clue if they're included or not.  Namely he
> had:
> 2.0.5-mandir.patch
> 2.0.9-cflags.patch
These two are to make cyrus compliant with rpm/fhs policy, so aren't 
necessary if you're compiling from sources and/or do not care about the fhs.

> 2.0.12-deliverman.patch
> 2.0.12-cyradm_man_sec.patch
These two correct a couple of minor error in the manpages, you can live 
without them.

> 2.1.3-service-path.patch
Compliance with rpm/fhs policy
> And I see in 2.1.12 he has 
> Mdk9.0perl-patch (not applicable to me)
to install under vendor_perl instead of site_perl (needed since mandrake 
9.0 in order to make automatic dependencies check work)

> Logident.patch
since cyrus master conflicts with postfix master, cyrus master is 
renamed to "cyrus-master". This patch correct the identification in the 
log files. You can live without this patch if you don't mind that both 
cyrus master and postfix master will show as "master" in the log files.


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