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Kristian Rink afterimage at gmx.net
Mon Apr 7 13:08:54 EDT 2003

Hi all,...

I am currently introducing IMAP services to a mid-range network
which up to now used to access electronic mail on 12 workstations
using POP3 to fetch mail off an external provider and store all the
mail in Outlook Express ( :( ) folders on the local drive, which
left them with several inconveniences (you might imagine). Now,
using IMAP (cyrus 2.1, Debian woody), people agree that things are a
lot better with shared folders, server-based mail storage and all
this stuff, yet I am lost with two problems that keep me from
finishing this:

(*) Mail on the workstation hard drives is stored in folder
structures sometimes deeper than five levels; and since e-mail is
excessively used there especially for recieving quite large files
from external customers, there are (worst case) several gbytes of
mail on some of the workstations. Unfortunately, by now I didn't
find a way how to transfer a full folder structure from workstation
to the IMAP storage (we switched mail clients from MSOE to Mozilla
Mail, neither one does support this), only thing possible by now is
to manually move every message from local folders to the IMAP server
(which is quite time consuming). Is this a limitation of IMAP
itself, of cyrus or of the mail clients used? 

(*) Most of the mails, even worse, may not be moved to the cyrus
server because of warning messages like "message contains bare
newlines". Is there any way to, at least while still migrating
mails, make cyrus ignore those errors and store the message without
complaining about newlines, bad headers and such stuff?

TIA, have a nice evening everyone...

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