migrating to cyrus...

Joe Dennick joe at dennick.net
Tue Apr 8 21:11:31 EDT 2003

Then try using regular Outlook.  Its part of MS Office, so hopefully you
won't have to purchase extra licenses for it.

I'm currently writing this message in Outlook connected to a Cyrus
server, and I also use it to POP my mail from work into Personal
Folders.  I can then easily move mail from one 'mailbox' to the other
without any difficulties.  Just make sure you configure Outlook to
connect to the Cyrus server via Imap on port 143.

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Hi Joe, list...

...and, first, thanks for the hint. :)

On Mon, 7 Apr 2003 21:46:28 -0500
"Joe Dennick" <joe at dennick.net> wrote:

> You can use Outlook Express to both connect to its 'Personal Folders' 
> and to an IMAP server like Cyrus.  Once connected to both message 
> sources, you can just copy messages from one place to the other with 
> no problems.  You can even write a quick instruction sheet to give 
> your users so they can move their own mail.

Actually, that's more or less what I intented to do. Yet, it doesn't
work. Doesn't work with Mozilla Mail ("NO - message contains bare
newlines" for almost every message I try to copy), doesn't work with
Outlook Express, either... Straaange... :/


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