2.2a and postfix, what to put in virttable?

Jev jev at ecad.org
Thu Apr 10 10:37:13 EDT 2003

Thanks mitu,

I actually have solved the problem, with help from the postfix-users 
mailing list.

In postfix 2.X we can use the following parameters:

     virtual_mailbox_domains    = example.com, example.org, example.net
     virtual_alias_maps    = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/valias.cf
     virtual_mailbox_maps    = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/vmbox.cf
     virtual_transport    = cyrus:$myhostname

It's working great!


Mitrana Cristian wrote:

> Jev wrote:
>> I have solved this to a point, but it may be a deadend;
>> By using the postfix transport_maps, and putting the virtually hosted 
>> domain on 'mydestination' I can get postfix to deliver any mail to a 
>> given domain directly to cyrus via lmtp, which works great! except, 
>> now I can't sepecify things like aliases and catchall domains!
>> I know this isn't strictly on topic, but I still feel it relates 
>> strongly enough because it is specific to virtual domain support.
>> All the best,
>> -Jev
>> Jev wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm still trying to get postfix to deliver mail to virtual domain 
>>> mailboxes in cyrus, so far without success.
>>> I have reverted to using regular virtual files (instead of mysql) 
>>> just to simplfy things while I try to get this to work.
>>> Has anyone any advise?
> Try to map your virtual domains to "relay" transport, i.e.
> point your "relay_domains" to the mysql map, specify relay_transport
> to lmtp and you can even pull out "relay_recipient_maps" from
> a mysql: map. About aliases and catchall, I think you can get away with
> the default directives (alias_maps). I might be mistaken,
> I'd try the postfix howtos and mailinglists.
> mitu

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