(Sieve) fileinto with variable name?

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 9 09:38:14 EDT 2003

Variable's aren't currently a part of sieve, for various reasons.

There's currently a thread on the IETF mta-filters list
(ietf-mta-filters at imc.org) discussing one of the proposals.


On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Alexander Skwar wrote:

> Hello!
> On a server of mine running CMU Sieve 2.2 from cyrus 2.1.11, I'd like to
> file messages from mailinglists into folders depending on the name of
> the list (or rather: depending on parts of headers from the mail).
> For example, Mailman mailinglists all have a header like this:
> X-BeenThere: listname at host.domain
> Now I'd like to file messages from this list to a folder
> "INBOX/MLs/LISTNAME", since "listname" is the localpar in the
> X-BeenThere header.
> If I subscribe to another list, which has
> X-BeenThere: another-list at some.host.domain
> I'd like to file it to "INBOX/MLs/ANOTHER-LIST".
> The good thing about this is, that it's rather easy to keep the number
> of instructions down to a somewhat small list and still keep everything
> nice and orderly ;)
> With procmail, that's (somewhat) easy.
> Is it possible to do something like this with Sieve?  If so, I'd be
> thankful for an example.
> Cheers,
> Alexander Skwar
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