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Tarjei Huse tarjei at
Fri Apr 11 12:38:43 EDT 2003

fre, 2003-04-11 kl. 15:12 skrev Etienne Goyer:
> On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 08:50:07AM +1200, Bojan Zdrnja wrote:
> > I'd recommend integration of postfix with amavis
> > (, which can be configured to work with lots of
> > different virus scanning packages. Considering anti-virus programs, I'd
> > recommend sophie/libsav by Sophos for good performance.
> > Amavis is integrated with postfix so all mails that go through it will
> > be scanned (including incoming, as well as outgoing if you put your
> > server as outgoing e-mail server).
With postfix, I suggest using avcheck. 

google for avcheck to find it.
> I would recommend _against_ AMaViS unless you use the most recent
> deamonized version.  The traditionnal AMaViS is invoked by procmail,
> which in turn must run the perl interpreter to execute AMaViS, which in
> turn spawn metamail to decode the attachment and your virus scanner to
> do the actual scanning.  This generate a lot of load even on a pretty 
> quiet server.  I would prefer a deamonized scanner that do the MIME
> decoding (a pretty intensive operation) itself, even if the scanning is
> done by a third-party tool.
> In the future, I plan to investigate MailScanner
> ( which had been recommended
> to us by somebody working for an ISP.  
> Just my 0.02 CDN$
Tarjei Huse <tarjei at>

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