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Amos Gouaux at
Sat Apr 12 16:31:47 EDT 2003

>>>>> On Sat, 12 Apr 2003 09:41:12 -0500,
>>>>> Phil Howard <phil-info-cyrus at> (ph) writes:

ph> Not all users want, or do anything with, a separate spam folder.

We've been experimenting with this very approach this semester.
That is: between the gateway MTA and the Cyrus server, mail gets
processed by SpamAssassin and is "tagged" appropriately.  If folks
wish it, they can then use Sieve to save spam into a JunkMail
folder.  We've then got a weekly cron job (probably could use Cyrus
events) to perform the following:

  ipurge -f -s -d 60 "user.*.JunkMail"

So far we haven't made a big deal about this, but have set up a
number of folks.  Overall, I think it is safe to say the response
has been very positive.  While I imagine some folks do forget to
check their JunkMail folder, based upon some of the comments I've
heard so far, it would seem that a fair number don't.

The other day I was about to get agitated because a user forwarded a
bunch of spam (with full headers) and I thought they might do that
for all the mail in their JunkMail folder.  Turns out they were
either messages that SpamAssassin didn't tag, or the score was too
low.  Upon further research I learned that this individual does
indeed check the JunkMail folder on about a weekly basis.

To be honest, no system is going to be perfect.  That's just fact
of life, especially with such tenacious foes to contend with.
While I imagine some would enjoy the ability to customize some of
this tagging behavior, and I do plan on somewhat following
developments along those lines, based upon what we've observed so
far, I strongly suspect very, very few would opt to immediately
reject the mail instead of utilizing the JunkMail folder.  At least
in an EDU environment, folks get really touchy when it comes to
systematically blocking things.  ;-)

Anyway, that's my contribution.


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