virtual domains question

Phil Howard phil-info-cyrus at
Fri Apr 11 08:15:07 EDT 2003

I'm scrounging the doc directory in the 2.2.0-ALPHA release to see
how things change with virtual domains.  The overview document has
apparently been updated yet, and things it explains, specifically
the mailbox namespace, don't account for how fully qualified email
addresses are mapped.  Specifically w/o virtual domains, a user like
"tom at" would be "user.tom" in the mailbox namespace.  But
with virtual domains, how does that get mapped with the dot from the
domain being in there?  How does the namespace distinguish the user
"tom at" from "tom at"?  Or is the namespace just
the same as what is entered on cyradm?

Any idea when cross domain ACL will be functional?

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