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Ken Murchison ken at
Fri Apr 11 10:06:37 EDT 2003

Phil Howard wrote:
> I'm scrounging the doc directory in the 2.2.0-ALPHA release to see
> how things change with virtual domains.  The overview document has
> apparently been updated yet, and things it explains, specifically
> the mailbox namespace, don't account for how fully qualified email
> addresses are mapped.  Specifically w/o virtual domains, a user like
> "tom at" would be "user.tom" in the mailbox namespace.  But
> with virtual domains, how does that get mapped with the dot from the
> domain being in there?  How does the namespace distinguish the user
> "tom at" from "tom at"?  Or is the namespace just
> the same as what is entered on cyradm?

Unless you're asking about how they are stored internally, which you
_shouldn't_ have to worry about, I think the documentation is pretty
clear on how the naming is done.  Assuming that neither ""
nor "" are your defaultdomain, the mailboxes above would be
named "user.tom at" and "user.tom at".  Internally
these are stored as "!user.tom" and "!user.tom". 
If one of these two domains are your defaultdomain, then the name is
just "user.tom".

> Any idea when cross domain ACL will be functional?

Don't hold your breath.  Since neither I nor CMU need virtdomains
support, I don't have no incentive to spend time working on this.  I
only implemented what you see as an academic exercise, and to silence
the complainers who were too lazy to do it themselves.

Just out of curiosity, what would you use cross domain ACLs for? 
Globally shared public mailboxes?  Or do you want to allow users in one
domain to be able to access user mailboxes in another domain?

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