Question about Cyrus, ext3, and Linux kernel 2.4.18 bug

Michael Sims michaels at
Fri Apr 11 14:17:28 EDT 2003

Quoting Paul Fleming <pfleming at>:

> I have 4 machines running Cyrus 2.1.x w/ Redhat Linux 7.1 (2.4.18-17.7.x)
> using ext3 in data=journal,noatime
> Ext3 has been working fine for us..  The mail spools and sendmail queue
> are all on file systems with this configuration.

Can you recall if you started with the data=journal configuration, or did you 
switch to it after running under data=ordered?  If so, was it for performance 
reasons, and did you notice an improvement?

I just wish I could find someone to definitely say "yes Red Hat has fixed this 
bug" or "it's still there".  I'm hesitant to try it if data loss is a 

Thanks for your input...

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