messages w/ bare newlines problem

Oliver Sommer oliver at
Mon Apr 14 11:56:05 EDT 2003

Hello List!
I am using the cyrus-imapd version 2.1.11 and postfix 2.0.3 together with lmtp 
mail delivery.
Problems came up when copying messages from netscape 7 mailer into imap 
folders. Many of you probably know this problem already. I couldn't find a 
solution yet.
here it is(from what I found out):
some messages contain formats/characters that are actually not allowed in the 
RFC. These seem to be NUL characters and the famous "bare newlines".
some (broken) mail clients send these mails and some MTA's seem to process 
them, others don't.
in my case, when copying one of these messages to an imap folder, cyrus 
refuses the action and states "message contains bare newlines".

how can I solve the problem? isn't there a way to allow cyrus to process or 
even convert these messages or would this end in other processing failures?
I feel there must be a solution.

thanks is advance, 
Oliver Sommer

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