reconstruction problem

Geoffrey Makstutis gmak at
Mon Apr 14 16:12:38 EDT 2003


I've got a problem trying to rebuild my mailboxes after a system rebuild.

In order to rebuild our system we had to copy our mail files from our linux 
box to a win2000 box. When the linux system was rebuilt (debian woody) we 
moved the mailboxes back, set all the user and group ownership back to 
cyrus.mail and then ran reconstruct -m followed by reconstruct -r 
user.$user. This has rebuilt the mailboxes file, but when a user logs into 
the system they are able see all their folders/mailboxes, but the messages 
either don't display or they have no visible subject, from, etc. and all 
have the date of sometime in 1970.

Where have I gone wrong? (And, yes, I am sure that the first wrong step 
involved the windows box :-(   )

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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